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Where To Start:
This is much easier than you might think. First things first, what can you afford? This means talking to a lender first. With so many different types of loans and qualifications, you need to know what you are getting into right in the beginning. If you need help with this, just call me and ill be happy to help. After talking to a lender then jump into the actual buying process. What does this mean? SIMPLE! Let’s Go Shopping! We go out and preview homes together. We narrow down EXACTLY what you want and simply go get it.
Once you have found the house that is perfect for you, then we move onto the contract phase, and we negotiate the absolute best terms and price for you. Once we have negotiated the best contract for you, then you are “In Escrow” YAAY… This will bring us to our next section. What is escrow, and what do we do?

What Is Escrow? Escrow begins once a buyer and seller have a meeting of the minds with purchase price and terms (and there are a lot of terms outside of the price. That’s why you want a seasoned agent to advise you). Thus starting the paper work with the chosen title company and providing earnest money to title. All inspection periods and time frames begin when you have a mutually agreed upon contract. This is your escrow. For more details email or call, and i will break it down easier for you on the phone. 480-688-8448

What are home inspections?
Once you have agreed upon a price and terms for a house, you are now in escrow (mentioned above), and the home inspection period begins, your inspection period provides to you an opportunity to assess anything about the property. Weather you are curious about the schools, or neighborhood, also you want a home inspector and maybe a specialist to investigate possible problem areas. We hold your hand through every detail of the inspection period so you have nothing to worry about.

Do I pay for Your Services?
When buying a home, I actually work for YOU for Free, In Arizona, The sellers Pay me. YAAY

When is the house mine, and i get the keys? This is negotiable with the seller when negotiating the purchase contract. You get the keys at closing, this is when you have “Closed Escrow”.